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Welcome to the Warehouse!

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Date: 1st October 2016

Written by: Nash




“Oi Jikky, your boxes are here!”

Somebody shouted from across the warehouse and waved at us. Jikky waved back and said victoriously.

“Well, it’s about time!”

Hi again, it’s Nash here. In this episode, I’m taking you to the warehouse where we keep the pasta. ‘Why?’, You ask. Well, that’s because we’re now setting up an online ordering system to get those orders to your doorsteps of course!

But first, let me tell you about how we got here.

Since the Free From show in Olympia ended, Jikky’s been focusing on getting a new shipment of pasta over from Thailand and setting up a pick-and-pack system for online delivery. What started off looking like a smooth sailing phase in our enterprise, ended up becoming a tempest that broke the mast when the shipping company we used suddenly went bankrupt.

Oh dear.

Hundreds of boxes of pasta were stranded at sea, and no matter how many urgent calls of plea we made, in the end we just had to wait it out.

Jikky bemoaned the unfortunate twist of fate for a few hours. She then set off to work on putting together a system where the pick-and-pack company and the delivery company can work together, which brought us to where we were: the warehouse.




After a few weeks at sea, the pasta finally arrived. So today, we had a meeting with representatives from the warehouse who would pick up the pasta and pack it as per you orders, and people from the postal service company who will then get the pasta to your door. We all sat down together to brainstorm.

Until now, it’s mostly been the case of us dealing with stakeholders from abroad to get the products manufactured and shipped. Now, however, we found ourselves in the company of the most helpful team we could’ve ever imagined working with. The coordination between the warehouse and the postal company was incredible; they realised that we’re a new enterprise, they knew we wanted the system to hit the ground running without a hitch, and they offered plenty of helpful advices to guide us along.


Gusto Nero Black Jasmine Rice Pasta


This was our goal from the very beginning, to have us local people working together; nothing mass produced, nothing put together by machines, just individuals and local companies getting quality food out to like minded people.

When we finally bring you the products (soon), we want this to be the message that goes out. “Gusto Nero is international, its products are from abroad and something we’re really proud of, but it’s also brought to you by the local people here in Norfolk who try their best to give you the best.” We want to share with you how proud and grateful we feel to be working with real people, here in Britain.