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We Had a Great 2017!

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Date: 30th December 2017

Written by: Jikky


Hi everyone, it’s Jikky!

2017 started off with one of those surreal moments where I just thought ‘Huh… so that just happened?’ Back in November (2016), getting Channel 4’s invitation to appear on Rebecca Seal’s food trend talk (Sunday Brunch) was already mind boggling enough, and I’d gone through the entire process of sending them the pasta samples and whatnots. But actually seeing Gusto Nero pasta on live TV was a a whole ‘nother story; I had no words. A year before that, Gusto Nero was no more than an idea flittering between my ears, then half way across the world, fields were sown, rice was grown, and suddenly we were on one of Britain’s most watched channels on new year’s day. Great!


Then came my favourite part of the year. The International Food & Drink Event 2017 in london was Gusto Nero’s first trade show. It was an event that brought like minded foodies and people with passion for healthy eating together, and an amazing opportunity for networking and collaboration opportunities! I met inspiring brand founders, many of whom I’m now good friends with. It was incredible how nice everybody was to a new brand like Gusto Nero. I would like to give special shout-outs to Abakus Foods’ delicious jujube snack, Real Good Ketchup’s homely recipe with no added sugar, MiiRO’s fantastic free-from ice-lolly, Seed and Bean’s organic extra-dark chocolate, Rebel Kitchen’s incredible coconut drinks, and Giving Tree’s freeze-dried mangoes!


July saw the apex of our brand performance, which could not have made me prouder. At Taste of South, Gusto Nero pasta featured on Barbara Cox’s cooking show. For someone who is a Global Award Winning Nutritionist with fantastic cooking skills, Barbara was very humble and down to earth, not to mention an Excellent cook! She was incredibly generous, and someone who has not only cooked a really delicious meal out of Gusto Nero’s pasta, but also shown me the value of women power and what changes we could bring to this industry.

Watch our video on YouTube: Gusto Nero Pasta – Global Award Winning Nutritionist Top Choice!

Watch our video on YouTube: People Trying Black Jasmine Rice Pasta for the First Time!



August came and Gusto Nero left British soil for the first time! Think reggae music, think colourful clothes, think of the sun and spices! That’s right, Gusto Nero made it to Spain’s Rototom Sunsplash, the largest Reggae festival of the year. Our black jasmine rice pasta went on a cooking show to promote natural eating; we were delighted and humbled to have chef Claudia Peña de Silvestri make an incredible dish to go around at the festival. This was our first international campaign, and it felt fantastic!



Before we knew it, the end of the year was upon us, and it happened with a bang! Just as loud as the year had begun, Gusto Nero now has the pleasure of stocking with Planet Organic! We hosted free sampling sessions London-wide, serving newly cooked pasta right off the pot. Being a foodie at heart, I was first hesitant about cooking pasta on the spot, since I didn’t want it to lose its texture before everybody got to try it. However it turned out that my fear was totally unfounded, and we got positive reviews saying it was very delicious. We had a lot of fun, and so next year will see Gusto Nero in action with these cooking and free sampling sessions a lot more often with new menus, so look for updates on our Facebook page!


“First year launching in the UK has been my real roller coaster journey! It’s been tough but fun.Thank you for every encouraging feedback via emailing, warm hug and kind support I received at many food shows Gusto Nero being presented at. You couldn’t imagine how much it means to me when hearing that our pasta genuinely being you or your family’s favourite choice …. Thank you!” – Jikky (Gusto Nero Founder)