Our Story

It all began one fine Autumn evening in 2012. I was taking a stroll around my neighbourhood in London and thinking about what to have for dinner. I stepped into Whole Foods Market for a little wandering, taking in the warm, homely atmosphere, and feeling at peace as I became immersed in a world of well-being.

After several nightmare trips to the hospital these stores become my sanctuary, a place where I could pick out the freshest, tastiest and most health promoting ingredients. It was a nice knowing that I could trust these foods which have a direct influence on my health. I felt compelled and driven to be a part of the health movement that was taking the world by storm.

I never set out to create a health brand. Yet, as I saw the dynamic, energetic people of London, pick out the freshest, most vibrant, alive foods, a though occurred to me: “I wanna be a part of this! I want to create foods that promote health and environment for all living things, food that people LOVE and TRUST, food that are safe from chemicals & GMO making those like me feel at ease to eat, I could do this too!”

And that was where it all began. The following morning, I made an international call to my family in Thailand. We were one of the first in the country to establish a business in BLACK JASMINE RICE production almost a decade ago. Before I knew it, I was walking in the rice paddies, sharing my idea with farmers about the prospect of creating organic and gluten free pasta from our superior and healthier ingredient: BLACK JASMINE RICE

Where did the pasta bit come from? I hereby credit my Italian chef friends for inspiring my love for all kinds of pasta all those years ago.

Production began soon after and I was motivated to come up with the best techniques for making healthy pasta from non-traditional grains. The next few years were spent finding the best organic farms, growing trail runs and experimenting with different pasta formula.

“By ensuring that the highest qualities of ingredients were used and that the growing farm environments were optimal, we were able to create a recipe that oozes quality, tastes fantastic and is a far healthier alternative to traditional pasta.”

By 2014, the first batch of Gusto Nero’s Black Jasmine Rice Pasta was manufactured, and before we knew it, we were receiving requests to send the black rice pasta to different corners of the world.

With positive feedback we were able to improve upon the recipe whilst ensuring that the ingredients remained of the highest quality and that the superior taste remained.

And that brings us to today! Gusto Nero’s aim is to bake, trust into every bite you take, making it your go-to tasty, healthy food choice to enjoy with friends and family. We do this by ensuring that highest quality of ingredients are used in order to promote health , so that you can enjoy great tasting food whilst knowing that it is good for you!

(Founder of Gusto Nero)