Our Mission

Paddies to Plate:
An Organic Process

Certified Organic
Black Jasmine Rice farming

  • Our rice growing and storage processes are certified as fully organic farming by Bioagricert and USDA.
  • Before planting our black rice, we begin by making sure that our fields are free from chemical residues, and that our granaries are well protected from contamination. We send specialists to collect the soil
    samples and have them tested in labs, so that when all has been approved, we could go ahead and start planting.
  • At Gusto Nero, we only use what has been tried and tested as the most superior strand of black jasmine rice. When May rolls around, signalling the beginning of Thailand’s rainy season, the grains are sown into the paddies, and then we wait for them to sprout and grow.
  • We refrain from using the irrigation system, since it’s difficult to control what goes in the water, and instead depend on the seasonal rain to help the rice grow. Chemical fertilisers, insecticides and herbicides are never used in our fields.

Internationally Certified
Organic Manufacturing

  • At Gusto Nero, we are certified for excellent hygiene control, as well as internationally standardised organic manufacturing process of our food.

Delivering a Delicious Organic
Rice Pasta Experience to Customers

  • Black Jasmine Rice pasta will make your meal much more delicious, but it won’t complicate the cooking. Simply toss it into the pan and wait to simmer, or cook it however you like!
  • Our recipe has been tried and tested. We’ve developed our pasta formula from feedback given by a group of people who have very diverse pasta eating lifestyle, so chances are you would like it too!