Our Black Jasmine Rice

What is 'Black Jasmine Rice?'

Black Jasmine Rice used to be nicknamed ‘the forbidden rice’, and while one may be tempted to think that this had something to do with its mystifying hue, it was rather the rich nutrients that made the rice a forbidden commodity.

It was told that back in the days, Black Jasmine Rice was a luxury which would only grace the tables of Asian Emperors, and it was strictly reserved for the royal families alone.

Times have changed, and today this alluring black rice has become readily available in many markets across Asia. However, Black Jasmine Rice requires very specific conditions for optimum growth, which only a handful of regions could provide.

Thailand is one of those few places to have a climate which makes it a perfect incubator for Black Jasmine Rice, with warm sunlight all year round and the seasonal rainfall to nurture the grains to perfection.

In Thai, the Black Jasmine Rice is called Khaw-Hom-Nil, which translates as ‘Aromatic black onyx rice’. When cooked, the rice gives off an aromatic whiff, one which may remind you of a jasmine infusion.

Why Black Jasmine Rice
in Thailand?

Thailand has long since been known as a country of rice paddies and smiles, and you will find that at Gusto Nero, it is essential that both go hand in hand. The rice we source is grown on a very local scale. At Gusto Nero, we know all our paddies, we are friends with our farmers, and thus we can ensure that every grain of rice made into our pasta is wholly organic, 100% pesticide-free and chemical-free.

‘You won’t find a better place to grow black jasmine rice’, said Mr. Jade (our chief farmer), ‘The conditions are perfect, and the soil doesn’t need chemical additives. The rich nutrients make the rice delicious and supple; they won’t taste the same grown anywhere else.’

The rice we source is grown on a very local scale. Though while locally sourced, we are proud to say that Gusto Nero’s organic farming is certified by USDA, as well as Bioagricert.

Health Benefits of
Black Jasmine Rice